Calibration Skills in Chemistry Lab

  • First care and use of electronic balance
  • Never exceed the stated maximum load of the balance
  • Keep the balance clean, remove dust from the floor of the pan compartment with camel hair brush
  • Objects to be varied should never be handled with fingers, always use clean paper.
  • Chemicals objects which might injured the balance Pan should never be placed directly on it.
  • Substance must be weighed in a suitable containers such as a small beakers, weighing bottles or watch glasses.
  • Any substance Spilled accidentally upon the pan or upon the floor of the balance compartment it must be removed at once.
  • Avoid exposing the balance corrosive environment.
  • errors in weighing
  • Changes relating to the waiting vessels for the substance occurring between successive weightings.
  • Buoyancy of the hare and its effect upon the object the container and anyways
  • Human errors in recording results
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