Marina De Bellagenta

“I AM THE LAND” is a short poem. It is a very famous short lyric too. It is in the form of the first person narration. The land is personified in the poem. The land or the Earth itself speaks patiently with the mankind .It challenges the community who often tries to acquire it.  It underlines the way that man attempts to win or own the land. Though he cannot possess it, he often says that he can buy the land, fence the land and sell the land. The Land finishes the poem with a challenge “Would you (arrogant people who often say that to own the land) be able to fence the planet earth?”  


In the poem, “I wait” refers to the patience of the land or the earth. The phrase “car lot eyes” refers to perception as if the land were staring patiently with the lights of the car parked on it. The phrase “someone tickles me” refers to the farmers ploughing the earth. The phrase “chain link necklace chokes me” has the figure of speech –personification and it refers the earth who feels at the fence between any two countries as someone chokes her breathing. The phrase “muddy holes” refers to any real or virtual holes or pits on the earth or in the land.


In this poem, ‘ THE LAND ‘ itself is worried about her current condition. INDIVIDUALS say that they claim the land yet they aren’t the owners or proprietors. They quarrel with it. The land here is ridiculing over their abnormal activities of buying or bombing or fencing. It is the emotionally supportive network of individuals.


In the poem, THE LAND is mocking and makes fun of individuals’ childishness, foolishness or vain efforts of controlling it. At the same time, the land sustains the process of new life:  who tickles, plants, etc. The land is supporting the system of pro human activities of human beings. In return, the land receives the domination and exploitation from human beings and feels the pressure. At the end, the land protests against such domination


To conclude, the land has been challenge   the individuals who are trying to mastery over the planet earth. The poem asserts and gives the message that it’s unimaginable and not appropriate to put the mother earth into any limits by fencing it or polluting it or choking its way.








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