The swan and The princes

A folk play


– A folk play




Suddodhana :   the King of Kapilavastu


Siddhartha :    the Prince of Kapilavastu


Dev Datt :    Siddhartha’s cousin


The Chief Minister and four other Ministers of the King

The Guards



( curtain rises while a song is being sung by a chorus  then Sutrdara enters)

Sutradaara:    Hi ,Hello, Good morning ,friends, teachers and all. Friends ,

I know my duty. Let me say myself. I’m Sutradaara , a character of this play.

Do you want to know the story of the play?

Yes , its ok…I’ll tell you.

 The name of the play is The SWAN AND THE PRINCES.

It Is A Story Of Siddartha Of Kapilavastu And His Cousin Deva Datta


My dears,   we all of us know  the story.

it is the story of a  quarrel between the princes of Kapilavastu

My dear teachers  I don’t test your patience.

O k.

Now characters of the play are ready to come on the stage .

please teachers  switch  of  your  mobiles  and  friends  keep silence…


See you after the play is over, bye bye……


( Sutradaara exit  left side of the stage and the main characters of the play enters from  the right side of the stage. And  introduce themselves)


[King Suddodhana is sitting on his throne. His Ministers are sitting

around him. The Chief Minister is saying something to him. Just then

the guard enters and bows to the King.]


Guards: Long Live the King!… Long Live the King!…..

Sir, Prince Dev Datt wants to come in.


King: Bring him in.


[The guard bows and goes out]


Chief Minister: I wonder….! why Prince Dev Datt…. wants to see    

                             the King….  at this time!?


Second Minister: Perhaps he wants to complain against someone.


[The guard enters with Dev Datt. Both of them bow to the King]


King:   What is it, Dev Datt?  Why have you come to me ?  At this time?


Dev Datt:  Sir, the Prince will not give me my swan. I want justice, I want justice.. from you.


King: [smiling] Be calm…. Be calm…, Dev Datt. Be calm , Has Siddhartha… taken your swan.. from you?


Dev Datt: Yes, sir, he has. I shot it and it fell on the ground.. near

                  the Prince. He picked it up and said.. he wouldn’t give it

to me.


King: That’s very naughty of Siddhartha. Guard.. come here. Go and call



 [The guard bows and goes out]


Third Minister: [softly to the Fourth Minister] The Prince is a good lad.

He can’t do a thing.. that’s wrong.


Fourth Minister: I agree with friend . I agree with you.

[The guard enters with Prince Siddhartha, who has a white swan in

his arms. Siddhartha bows to the King]


King: Siddhartha….., Dev Datt says that.. you’ve taken his swan.

                  Is that  the swan.., which you took from him?


Siddhartha: Your Highness.., Dev Datt has complained about this swan, but  it is not his swan… It’s mine.


Dev Datt: No, Your Highness, it is not his. It is mine. I shot it with  an arrow. Siddhartha is telling a lie. I want justice…I want justice..your honour..


King: Be calm.., Be calm Dev Datt, Be calm. You say that the swan is yours, because,  you shot it. Is that right?


Dev Datt: Yes, sir, that’s quite right.


King:  What do you say, Siddhartha?

Why do you say ?  That the swan is yours..?!


Siddhartha: Your Majesty, Dev Datt shot this swan,

                       but I saved its life. That’s why… it’s mine.


Ministers: Hear! Hear!


King: Listen, Siddhartha. A kshatriya can’t give up,, what he has shot. Do you agree with me?


Siddhartha: Yes, I do, sir, but a kshatriya can’t give up a suppliant

either. This swan came to me, for protection.

 I can’t give it up.


Dev Datt: Your Highness…, this is injustice.

 I shot the swan, so it’s  mine. I want justice.. I want justice..


King: Well, boys, I’m puzzled. It’s a strange case.

I don’t know how to decide it. [to the Chief Minister]

 Can you help me?


Chief Ministr:  I’ll try, Your Highness.


King: Very well, then. Please go ahead.


Chief Minister: Prince Siddhartha… and Prince Dev Datt…,

please listen to me.

Prince Dev Datt says that the swan is his,

because he had shot it, am I right ? then

Prince Siddhartha says that it is his,

 because he saved its life. Am I right?


Siddhartha and Dev Datt: Yes, you’re right.


Chief Minister: Good. Now, Prince Siddhartha…,

                   please put the swan on this stool.


[Siddhartha puts the swan on the stool and goes back to his

place. The swan is frightened and keeps looking at



Chief Minister: Prince Dev Datt, please come forward and ask

                               the  swan to come to you.


Dev Datt: [coming forward] Come to me, O swan, Come! Come!Come!

 [The swan trembles and cries with fear]


Chief Minister:, Prince Dev Datt. Your  turn is over. Now it’s Prince Siddhartha’s turn to call the swan,  Prince Siddhartha..  please come forward and ask the swan to come to you.

[Dev Datt goes back and Siddhartha comes forward]


Siddhartha: [going near the swan] My  Dear swan, don’t be afraid. I’ve

    come to you. Come and sit on my arms.

 [The swan at once flies onto Siddhartha’s arms]


Chief Minister: [to the king] Your Highness, the swan has decided

the case.


King: It has, indeed; and we accept the decision.

            The swan belongs to Prince Siddhartha.


All: Long Live Prince Siddhartha!



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