The poem is modified as a brief conversation between the poet – Ruskin Bond and a reader. The intention of this adaptation is to develop speaking skills among the students. The main logic behind this adaptation is NCF And CCE which promotes ACTIVITY BASED LEARNERS’ CENTERD education.


The second language English (31E) is being taught by the teachers to develop language skills.due to this reason I as second language teacher (English-31E)i use simple techniques of speaking competences-self introduction, greetings, requesting, obligations, exclamations ,taking simple permissions, simple enquiries, appreciations, praising, commands, etc. I use here the simple present and simple past tense structures; I use simple readers’ friendly vocabulary.

The conversation is in a dialogue technique. Dialogue means a conversation between two persons. Here the two persons are the poet – Ruskin Bond himself and the second one is any reader.

The poet is invited to talk about his poem –grandma climbs a tree to our school. As a part of it, his favorite reader of the school goes near him and starts to talk with him as below.

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The Reader:         Hello! Sir good  morning.

Ruskin Bond:      Hello! Good morning, boy.

The Reader:        I’m happy to welcome you sir.

Ruskin Bond:      I feel happy too, my boy.

The Reader:        Sir let me say something.

Ruskin Bond:      yes, please!!

The Reader:       I’m Ananya, class 10th; I like your poems, sir.

Ruskin Bond:    Oh! My goodness, thank you very much.

The Reader:       Sir, tell me about yourself.

Ruskin Bond:     Yes. I‘m Ruskin Bond, I’m British but I’m Indian.

The Reader:      Are you sure Sir?

Ruskin Bond:    yes. Now I live in Missouri, Himachal Pradesh, India.

The Reader:     Nice to meet you, sir.

Ruskin Bond:    Thank you, my boy, I too feel proud to be Indian.

The Reader:       Sir I want to know about your grandma.

Ruskin Bond:    Oh! She is a genius. She is a rare lady of her age. That is big story.

The Reader:        Oh! It is very interesting, how old is she now, sir.

Ruskin Bond:     Oh! She is 62 years old now.

The Reader:       Sir, why do you call her a GENIOUS?

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Ruskin Bond:     Oh! She climbs trees. She is more active like us.

The Reader:       Yes. She is really a genius, sir 

Ruskin Bond:     Have you granny in your home?

The Reader:      Yes. Sir. I too have my granny.

Ruskin Bond:    How old is she?

The Reader:      Oh! She is javaramma. She is 80 years old.

Ruskin Bond:    Oh! She is older than my granny.

The Reader:      She is also genius and generous, sir.

Ruskin Bond:    What is her specialty?

The Reader:      She sows, she waters, she walks 5 miles regularly, she tells stories.

Ruskin Bond:    Yes! She is also a genius granny.

The Reader:     Oh! Sir, leave my granny, tell me about your granny sir.

Ruskin Bond:    Yes. She climbs tall and spreading trees without fear.

The Reader:      How does she learn it, Sir?

Ruskin Bond:   Oh! She learnt it in her childhood.

She learnt it from her brother

The Reader:     Oh! It is interesting, sir I want to teach my sister.

Ruskin Bond:    Of course, you can do. Girls are like us. Am I right?

The Reader:     Yes, sir, there is no doubt. They are equal to us.

Ruskin Bond:   Yes, you have good feelings.

The Reader:     Thank you, sir. It is due to you and your writings sir

Ruskin Bond:   Oh! Thank you.

The Reader:     Sir, I wish to continue   about your granny.

Ruskin Bond:   Yes? Why not?! Once we told her, don’t climb trees

The Reader:      Why, sir.

Ruskin Bond:    Because of her old age.

The Reader:      Yes, you are right.

Ruskin Bond:    But she didn’t heed our suggestions. She laughed at us

The Reader:      Yes sir. Old people don’t care our suggestions.

Ruskin Bond:    She could do better than early.

The Reader:      Oh! Your granny is a naughty granny. Sir.

Ruskin Bond:     Yes. You’re absolutely right.

The Reader:      Do you fear about her safety, sir?

Ruskin Bond:    Yes we fear always about her safety.

The Reader:    Was anything happened to her in your absence?

Ruskin Bond:   Yes once she climbed a tree but she couldn’t come down.

The Reader:    What did you do, sir?

Ruskin Bond:   We rescued her. Doctor recommended her a week bed rest.

The Reader:     Was she happy then sir?

Ruskin Bond:    No, she was not happy then,

The Reader:     I think she was like a fish out of water

Ruskin Bond:    Exactly, She missed the enchanting beauty of nature,

 Breezes and   greenery of  summery.

The Reader:      How long was she in the bed rest, Was she cured completely sir?

Ruskin Bond:     Yes, she was cured.

The Reader:      Then, did she climb trees again sir?

Ruskin Bond:      You’re asking good question. Then, she called for my father And told him to build a house on treetop.

The Reader:       Did your father build it up, sir?

Ruskin Bond:   There is no doubt. He did it with my expert assistance , as a part his duty.

The Reader:     Oh! It is really very interesting, sir .Is she now living inthat tree house,sir

Ruskin Bond:    Yes, of course.

The Reader:      do you give her a company sir?

Ruskin Bond:   Yes I climb to her tree home regularly.I carry for her wine and glasses.I share sherry with her.

The Reader:     I think she is an independent lady. She lives as she lives.

Ruskin Bond:   But nowadays we cut trees and ill-treat our granny and grandpa.

The Reader:     Yes it happens the world wide sir. It must be corrected.

Ruskin Bond:   Yes I too know this, my boy.

The Reader:     Cutting trees causes global warming, air pollution soil erosion And natural disaster

Ruskin Bond:  That’s why I write this poem as a message to all.

The Reader:       Thank you sir

Ruskin Bond:    It’s O.K My boy


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  1. Super sir. I am very trill through this conversation sir. Hats off to your passion about your professiona sir. I want to do like this for the poem “The song of Nation. “

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