An instant abridgment of Ruskin Bond’s Grandma Climbs A Tree

Grandma Climbs A Tree is a nostalgic lovely poem of Ruskin Bond.He is the best Anglo-Indian English writers in India.He got many Indian awards for his outstanding literary work. The poem is well built with his spontaneous nostalgic emotions which really inspires readers alone…

My grandmother was a genius. You’d like to know why?

Because she could climb trees. Spreading or high,

She’d be up their branches in a trice. And mind you,

 When last she climbed a tree, she was sixty-two.

Ever since childhood, she’d had this gift

For being happier in a tree than in a lift;

The poem ‘Grandma Climbs a Tree’ sketches  Ruskin Bond’s love for his family and his nostalgia .  In this poem, he tells us about  his grandmother’s  passion for climbing trees from a very young age due to her brother which kept her so active and  quite different from others  till her age of sixty-two. The first stanza has the rhyming words : why-high.  You-two.  Gift-lift.

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And though, as years went by, she would be told

That climbing trees should stop when one grew old-

 And that growing old should be gone about gracefully-

She’d laugh and say,’Well, I’ll grow old disgracefully,

 I can do it better.’ And we had to agree;

For in all the garden there wasn’t a tree

As she grew old, she was advised not to climb but she did not pay her attention to this kind of advice. she simply laughed and neglected them .her reaction shows that she is a kind arrogant or self esteemed old woman of sixty two. there was no single tree in the garden that was being climbed by her. The rhyming words of this stanza : told old. gracefully- disgracefully. Agree- tree.

She hadn’t been up, at one time or another

 (Having learned to climb from a loving brother

When she was six) – but it was feared by all

That one day she’d have a terrible fall.

The outcome was different- while we were in town

She climbed a tree and couldn’t come down.

She hadn’t been up, at one time or another because it was her childhood hobby learnt  by her dear  loving brother. anyway everything has its own limit. one day when they were in town she was alone at home, she climbed a tree, but could not come down. This was  what a kind of downfall   of her geniuses that shocked her physically and mentally. The rhyming words of this stanza : another-brother. All – fall. Town -down.

 After the rescue,

The doctor took Granny’s temperature and said,

 ‘I strongly recommend a quiet week in bed.’

We sighed with relief and tucked her up well.

Poor Granny! For her, it was like a brief season in hell.

Confined to her bedroom, while every breeze

Whispered of summer and dancing leaves.

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She was rescued from the tree top. After that she fell ill the doctor was called; he took her temperature and advised her bed rest for a week. Everyone felt relieved that doctor’s advice  would keep  granny’s away  from tree-climbing. But the granny grew miserable lying in the bed. She felt that it was a solitary confinement There is no doubt  she was missing the enchanting beauty of summer. The rhyming words of this stanza : said-bed. well-hell. breeze-leaves.

But she held her peace till she felt stronger.

 Then sat up and said,’ I’ll lie here no longer!’

And she called for my father and told him undaunted

 That a house in a treetop was what she now wanted.

 My Dad knew his duties. He said, ‘That’s all right –

 You’ll have what you want, dear. I’ll start work tonight’.

Far a while she kept quite herself then She sat up on her bed and declared  herself that she would not be confined to bed any longer. She called Bond’s father and instructed him to build tree-house  for her in the treetop. The dutiful dad gave assurance to  fulfill  granny’s wish who started his work of building tree hose for his dear  mother that night. The rhyming words of this stanza : stronger-longer. undaunted – wanted. right-tonight.

With my expert assistance, he soon finished the chore:

Made her a tree-house with windows and a door.

So Granny moved up, and now every day

 I climb to her room with glasses and a tray.

She sits there in state and drinks sherry with me,.

Upholding her right to reside in a tree.

the poet also  helped in the deed of  building  a beautiful treetop house with windows and doors  for his  granny. The granny moved into the treetop house. The poet took her meals up the treetop house. She had a wonderful time living in the treetop house having Sherry with the poet. The rhyming words of this stanza : chore-door. day-tray. me-tree.

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This poem by Ruskin’s Bond describes his granny’s love for trees poetically.

The poet begins his poem with her ‘geniuses’’ as she could climb any kind of tree easily. She had learnt it from her brother when she was six; she had been climbing trees since then. But actually she never fell physically This poem shows the unconditional love Bond has towards his family.



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