Installing MySQL on Linux

Database is important for everyday actions, to store retrieve,update our information, In General Database is used everywhere,in every field of technology and non technology field too.Database is meant to store the data.its impossible imagine life without database.

Now we are here to learn how to install Database MySQL in Ubuntu,MySQL Open source ,Most widely used database and Ubuntu Open Source and most widely used Operating System.

First step Before actual installation of MySQL will be Updating Packages.Updating package is done by updating package command which will be written on terminal as root user/super user.

sudo apt update

After all packages updated successfully,then we type installation command for MySQL which is as follows

sudo apt install mysql-server

After this terminal will ask you for permission to install and download the packages type Y or yes to allow it to download and install. after completing this step type secure installation command which is given below

sudo mysql_secure_installation

After this it will ask for Password validation policy where you need to enter any one number


and after it will ask you to set password for root user and if you complete these steps ,Hurry, MySQL Installation in completed. You can Follow the video Provided if you find difficulty with the post and If you have Doubts you can comment.

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