Installing Apache on Linux

Apache Server is Open source which is most widely used around the glob.In this post we have give information about how ti install Apache server on Ubuntu.

First things First. we need to update packages by give package update command.

Open terminal login as root and type

sudo apt update

after all packages are updated.then type Apache installation command.

Tip:(Optional) .If you need to see what happen if Apache is installed in your system. then befoe installing apache go to var/ you will not find any www/ folder in it. another way is to go to browser and type localhost or it will return refused to connect error

Installation command is

sudo apt install apache2

Give a yes or Y to allow Download and install packages on to your system Apache is installed in your system.

Tip:(Optional) Now you can see in /var folder /www folder will appear and if you now go to your browser and type localhost or it will show you Apache Default page

A video has give below of you find any problem.Comment below if you have any doubts.

You want to Uninstall Apache ,then we have that one post too.

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