35 years to Bhopal Gas Tragedy, National Pollution control Day

One of the most tragic day in Indian history, an incident which took a life of thousands of innocent peoples, it happen 2nd december 1984. The Bhopal Gas tragedy.
leakage of Dangerous gas like methyl isocyanide and other dangerous chemicals from union carbide chemical plant killed over thousand people in sleep.

Around 2000 people were dead immediately. Because of the poison gas inhalation.
National pollution control day on national pollution prevention day on December 2 is made in honour and remember those who lost their lives in Bhopal Gas tragedy.

The aim of celebrating National pollution prevention day is to spread awareness about pollution and its control.

Other gas tragedy in world are listed here

  • Three Mile Island tragedy 1979. Nuclear power station in America.
  • Chernobyl disaster in 1986
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