Gregor Johann Mendel

In the history of man’s progress towards understanding the laws of nature, the
discovery of laws of heredity plays a very important role. The credit of discovery of basic
laws of heredity goes to G.J. Mendel. His hybridization experiments with garden pea,
Pisum sativum and the conclusions that he drew from the investigations constitute the
foundation of modern genetics. For this contribution Mendel is called Father of

Mendel was born in 1822 in Heinzendorf of Silesia. He was not primarily a
biologist but was a monk (Abbot) in Augustinian monastery at Brunn, Austria (now in
Czechoslovakia). He had come as a poor boy to monastery in 1843, was ordained priest
in 1847. In 1851 was sent by his order to study natural science at University of Vienna.
He worked as a substitute teacher at Brunn, after his return and continued there for 14

In 1857, he began to collect varieties of garden pea to study differences among
them. He began hybridization experiment with garden pea in a garden plot measuring
20×120 feet alongside the building of the monastery. He presented the results of his
experiments at two meetings of the Annual proceedings of the Natural History Society of
Brunn in the year 1865.

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