• Linux is a Unix like operating system that is well suitable for wide range of computer and other products.
  • it’s Highperformance and completely free.
  • Linux was started in 1991 by Linus Torvalds student at University of Helsinki in Finland.
  • It’s said that Linus Torvalds tend to create Linux just because he was unhappy with the MS Dos operating system that came with new personal computer.
  • The use of Linux by government Agencies academic Institutions individuals and corporations around the world has been growing fastly and many computer experts think that it will eventually become the most widely used operating system variety of applications.
  • There are number of distributions that have been developed in a diverse range , company, non commercial organisations and individuals this made the Rapid growth of Linux.
  • Linux comes under the Unix like operating system. where as UNIX was developed by Ken Thompson in 1969 at Bell labs
  • Linux is a clone of Unix it was developed to mimic the form and function of Unix but its source code was returned completely independently.
  • Number of Unix like operating systems in present but Linux is highly mature ,we can say it is very sophisticated, skillfully crafted and collective efforts of thousands and best mines in computer science.
  • Advantage of Linux over Windows is it is a bit advantages compared to Windows family of operating system .Its most obvious that businesses and other organisations can save more money because there is no licence fees for Linux when compared to microsoft Windows. there is no costly upgrades in Linux.
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