EVS Questions

This Post has Some Questions Related to Environmental Science,Which is a Subject for BSc.

1. Study of inter relationship between biotic and abiotic components is called : Environmental Science (Ecology).

2. Earth Summit 1992 was held in : Rio de Janeiro

3. The animal which is declared as National animal of india: Tiger

4. Deforestation is due to : Urbanization,



5. Importance of Forest : Absorbs CO2, Decrease in noise, Release O2

6. Ozone layer occurs in :Strtosphere

7. An example for renewable resources : sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat

8. An example for Aquatic Ecosystem :Marine ecosystem,pond ecosystem,Fresh water eco systems

9. World Environmental Day is celebrated on :5th June

10. Main sources of energy for proper functioning of Ecosystem : Sun.

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