Properties of Laplace

In this Post we shall become familier with the Properties of the Laplace,which are similar to basic Intergartion rules and Differentiation rules.

Their Exists many rules which are complex in nature for Laplace ,Which depends on the Problum Statement. Here We learn about basic two Properties of Laplace.

  • Function with a Constant
  • Linear Property

Function with a Constant

if f(t) is a functions for Positive value of t ,and K is a Constant then, Laplace transform of Kf(t) is given by

L {K f (t)} = K L {f (t)}

Linear Property

if f(t) and g(t) are two functions for Positive value of t ,Linear Property is Represented by

L {f (t) + g (t)}= L {f (t)} + L {g (t)}

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