Introduction to Laplace

  • Laplace transformation or Laplace transform is a method used to solve Differential Equations with limits.
  • Their are many methods are exist to solve the differential equations.
  • Laplace Transform Method uses the initial (lower)Limit & boundary(Upper )Limits to solve the Differential Equations.
  • Laplace method is known to be very advantageous to solve the Differential Equations because this method doesn’t involve the steps of finding general solutions, rather we can just directly solve them by initial Conditions.
  • Laplace transforms are usually restricted to functions of t with t ≥ 0
Introduction to Laplace Transformation


Consider a Function f(t) a real valued function where t>=0. then Laplace transform of Given Function Represented as L[f(t)] is defined by

Where s is a real or a Complex Number. We have Video which will help you to understand even Our Article is unable understand. Presentation is also given in Beginning of this Article.

the Above Equation can Also be Represented as

in F(s) s is called as Parameter.

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